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Chimney maintenance and chimney repairs are one of our specialities. Our team of experts have the training, expertise and tools to ensure that your gas, pellet or wood stove can return to its former glory and start heating your home without compromise. We are trained and can quickly repair the following brands throughout northern New Jersey.


Annual Service Plan

Annual Service Plan

We offer an Annual Service Package to ensure the overall health of the chimney and stove as well as for the safety of the residents of the home. In regards to the chimney, we check for leaks, any damage, and buildups. For the stoves, we check that all of the components of the stove are working properly and change any parts if needed.

Types of Repairs

With our experienced team, we can handle practically any repair to a stove. However, here are a few more common issues we see in and around Oak Ridge, NJ.


Flue repairs are necessary if gaps, cracks, damage, or spalling within an otherwise sound chimney exist. It will depend on the exact issue, but we generally will either replace the issue area of the chimney, reline the chimney or, in some cases we may, use a chimney liner to complete the repair.


The damper is between the firebox and the flue and will generally see damage over the years due to continual use without cleaning. Most dampers are not repair-worthy and will need to be swapped out for a new damper which we can install.


Finally, our team can provide a wide selection of waterproofing repairs to ensure your chimney is weather resistant. This includes crown repairs and even installing chimney-safe waterproofers with expert precision.

Crown Repair

Over the years, your chimney crown may show some wear and tear; if it is cracked or damaged, it will need to be replaced. If left, a cracked crown can allow moisture to enter your chimney, leading to spalling or damage to your chimney. A repair is generally not possible, so Kane’s can provide you with a quick swap and expert installation to ensure your crown will be good for years to come.

Minor Masonry work on chimneys and repointing.

The damper is between the firebox and the flue and will generally see damage over the years due to continual use without cleaning. Most dampers are not repair-worthy and will need to be swapped out for a new damper which we can install.

Firebox repointing

As fireboxes wear, chipped or cracked bricks may become an issue, along with crumbling mortar between the bricks. If left, this crumbling mortar will stop reflecting the heat from the fire and instead transfer the heat to the surrounding house framework. To repair this, our team can do a tuckpointing or repointing repair where we grind away the mortar and replace it with new mortar.

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Gas Stove Brands

Gas Stove Brands

  • Fireplace Xtrordinair- Otherwise called Fireplace X, it produces one of the top-rated gas fireplaces on the market.
  • Heat & glow – This eco-friendly company has been producing dependable gas stoves for more than a generation.
  • Quadrafire – Known for its durability, Quardrafire delivers on quality with all of its gas stoves.
  • Regency – A North American leader for over four decades, Regency stoves are built to last.
  • Mendota – A luxury gas brand, Mendota has been in business for over a century and delivers excellent eco-friendly gas stoves.

Pellet Stove Brands

  • Harman – A brand where tradition meets modern comforts and delivers a fantastic pellet stove.
  • Quadrafire – Much like their gas stoves, Quadrafire pellet stoves are some of the best on the market. a
  • Comfortbilt – One of the world leaders in pellet stove technology, you can never go wrong with a Comfortbilt stove.
  • Englander – A solid option for those looking for a straightforward pellet stove.
Pellet Stove Brands
Wood Stove Brands

Wood Stove Brands

  • Hearthstone – A Vermont brand, Hearthstone has been creating handcrafted wood stoves loved by clients for generations.
  • Jotul – This award-winning Norwegian brand has been handcrafting exceptional wood stoves since 1853.
  • Vermont Casting – Another Vermont company, Vermont Casting, has been a North American leader in wood stoves for generations.
  • Lopi – A clean, sleek and modern stove brand that has been delivering quality stoves for over 40 years.
  • Napoleon – Not just a grilling company, Napoleon delivers quality wood stoves at a fantastic price.

Although we have expertise in these brands, our team of fully insured technicians can handle practically all makes and models!